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Scapa Double Sided Foam Tapes

Scapa have specialist expertise in manufacturing and developing foam products for bonding, sealing, cushioning, protection, mounting and fixing applications.

The Scapa double-sided foam range provides solutions to practically every industry for bonding, mounting, fixing and joining applications. The products are economical, easy and quick to apply, clean to use, adaptable,versatile and consistent.

Scapa's high performance double sided foam bonding materials consists of a wide range of PVC, PU and PE foams coated with a variety of adhesives

Hadleigh can supply the foam tape range in a variety of formats including rolls, pads, discs, washers, gaskets or other die cut shapes to suit every application requirement. There is an extensive hardness, thickness and colour range.

Key products include:
5169 Black double sided Foam and 5164 White double sided foam - high density PVC foam, waterseal at 20% compression. UV light resistant; very good external weathering.
Wide thickness range : 5169 from 0.8mm to 4.5mm and 5164 from 1.5mm to 4.5mm

5669 Black high performance PU (polyurethane) foam. Excellent chemical and UV light resistance. Highly conformable. -40 to +120°C service temperature.
Thickness Range: 0.8mm 
Black Auto FoamStrong double sided foam tape approximately 1.0mm thick. Permanent adhesive, Both adhesive and foam is UV and weather resistant. This tape has thousands of uses, including home, office, workshop, garden and garage. Widely used in the automotive trade for badges, rubbing strips and trim fixings.
Black Glazing Foam or White Glazing Foam is a double coated, closed cell PE foam tape ideally suited to bonding difficult and dissimilar surfaces including metals, wood, ceramics, plastics and even painted and powder coated finishes, making it ideal choice for glazing applications.
White Thickness Range: 1.1mm to 1.6mm
Black Thickness Range: 1.1mm - 6.5mm
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